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European Wargames


  • Acies Edizioni

    Italian publisher of tactical wargames, with neat graphics, game systems that give pride of place to historicity and with quality equipment.

  • Aleph Game Studio

    Aleph Game Studio was established in Italy in 2017 to publish wargames and board games.

    Aleph Game Studio is doing its best to design games which will be fun to play and graphically satisfying. Aleph Game Studio s.r.l.s. is a small publishing company in Reggio Emilia (Northern Italy) with a big passion in war and board games. Apart playing as much as possible, the main activity of the creators is creating, developing, publishing and distributing new titles.

    The company publishes all-new games along with long out of print games.

  • Assault! Games

    Assault Games is a publisher of easy to learn, fast paced and action loaded tactical wargames. Our initial product is Red Horizon 41 with a WWII setup. But we are open for other settings in different epoches of time.

    We are a small team consisting of experienced board, tabletop and war-gamers with the aim of creating a new and exciting tactical board game system. Our commitment is to finding the right balance between realism, playability, fairness and fast paced action. The rules of the system are easy to learn for beginners and those new to the hobby as well as offering the right amount to grit and complexity to interest gaming veterans. This is facilitated through a modular rule structure that offers something for everyone!

  • Asyncron

    The goal of ASYNCRON™ games is to produce and to publish wargames.

    The wargames can be of any kind so long as they involve a fun or innovative aspect, and can be board games, card games, etc...

  • Bellica 3rd Generation

    Spanish wargame publisher which has published "Campaign Commander" and "Age of Muskets" series.

  • Cérigo Vae Victis

    Cérigo editions are the publisher of the VaeVictis magazine and a collection of historical wargames or called history games. These are played either with pre-cut counters or with historical miniatures.

  • Dissimula Edizioni

    Italian publisher from Torino. The company is managed by Sergio Schiavi.

  • Europa Simulazioni

    This Italian company from Piacenza is "creating games on paper for love of ENTERTAINMENT, HISTORY, INNOVATION."  Every new project has to respect the above three principles.

  • Histogame

    Histogame is a small gaming company in Berlin, Germany.

    The company was founded in march 2004.

    Its goal is to produce boardgames with new mechanics.

    Basic concept is the mixture of historical accuracy

    and a component of luck which can be estimated a priori.

  • Historic'One

    The catalog of this French publisher is aimed at all history and military history enthusiasts, as well as those who want to discover historically themed wargames.

  • Ludifolie

    Ludifolie Editions publishes Canons en Carton and Pin Up Games wargame collections, starting in 2012.

  • LudoLab

    Ludolab is an Italian company. It's the Camelot department for boardgames production.

    They have series of games: NSB (Napoleonic Small Battles), RSB (Risorgimento Small Battles), Montecuccoli, Navali (H20)...

    And they also propose single games out of series

  • Serious Historical Games

    Games "designed for passionate players" and published by a French company created in 2022.

  • Shakos

    Shakos is a desire to promote, to discover, the game of History of confrontation – the wargame in English – to a wider audience.

    A precise historical context, effective rules, dynamic systems, limited playing time, quality equipment, these are the objectives that the two friends of Shakos, Denis SAUVAGE and Julien BUSSON, have set themselves.

  • Snafu Design

    SNAFU Design is a new (2020) wargame publishing company based in Sabadell (Catalonia). It was created in order to publish games designed and/or developed in or around the SNAFU wargaming club and the SNAFU Store retailer (both also in Sabadell).


    For thousands of years soldiers all over the world followed the sound of drums marching into battle or marching far away from their homes in unknown territory following their leaders.
    The Macedonian fighters followed Alexander the Great to India, the French Grognards marched into battle following the “pas de charge” up the hills at the Battle of Waterloo.

  • Strategemata

    Polish publisher specializing in the design and publication of wargames.

  • Taktyka i Strategia

    Les wargames de la société Polonaise Taktyka i Strategia, créée en 1989 et ayant une gamme de jeux simulant des conflits s'étant produits du Moyen-Age à la période actuelle.

  • 3 Crowns Games

    Three Crowns Game Productions is a gathering of four friends with over 90 years of game design behind them. Tons of games has been invented, played and enjoyed (and some scrapped as well) over the years.

    The company is a product of our dream – to produce high quality games that we could be proud of and that You enjoy.

  • Trafalgar Editions

    Trafalgar editions is a Spanish firm created in 2015 and specialized in history books and games.

    This company covers a wide range of topics and historical periods, striving to provide a fun and entertaining experience for customers.

    Their flagship product is game-book sets that allow aficionados to recreate a particular historical battle or campaign while uncovering the facts behind them.

  • VUCA Simulations

    Wargames de la société Allemande VUCA Simulations, qui produit des jeux de qualité.

  • Games with French...

    Games completely in French or with rules translated in French.

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