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Les wargames de la société Polonaise Taktyka i Strategia, créée en 1989 et ayant une gamme de jeux simulant des conflits s'étant produits du Moyen-Age à la période actuelle.

Taktyka i Strategia


  • Medieval

    "Medieval" system simulating battles that took place between 1000 and 1550. Scale : 1 counter = 100 à 200 men. The rules are quite easy and quick to learn.

  • Husaria

    "Husaria" system simulating battles that took place between 1550 and 1720. Scale : 1 counter = app. 100 men. The rules are fairly simple, yet precise, picking up on many important elements of 17th century warfare.

  • Napoleon
  • 14-18 (B48)

    "B48" system simulating major battles of the Great War 1914-1918. Scale: 1 hex = 3 km. From Regiment to Division. The rules reflect the nature of fighting on the battlefield. Combat on the eastern front is characterized by high maneuverability, but trench warfare is also reproduced.

  • 39-45 (B95)

    "B95" system simulating major battles of the 1939-45 war. Scale: 1 hex = 3 km. From Regiment to Division. With fairly simple rules, players can try to change the course of history on the most important battlefields of World War II, such as Stalingrad, Normandy, Kursk, Korsun or Moscow. In addition to historical scenarios, some games also contain what-if scenarios, showing what could happen if…

  • 39-45 (B35)

    "B35" system simulating World War II battles from 1943 to 1945. Scale: 1 hex = 1 to 1.5 km. From Company to Battalion. Created to simulate important battles of the Second World War, the system is quite complete, the rules are complex and the units quite detailed. Each battalion can be a key element on the battlefield, and sometimes even a company can successfully stop the enemy's advance. Air and naval forces can also support their units.

  • WW3

    "WWIII" system simulating hypothetical conflicts in a near or even future post 1939-45 universe. Scale: Strategic. A good way to study what could have, or will perhaps, happen. Funny, plausible and very interesting "What ifs".

  • Other system

    Games having their own system.

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